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Shots Fired: Chuck Rylant

What do you think of cops? I mean, what do you really think of cops? Chuck Rylant — a former SWAT member, cop, and detective — believes the media creates a perception of police shootings that’s... Read More
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Momentum: Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Tai Tsao

Bad meetings are the worst. They’re a waste of time, and they feel like a distraction from real work. Mamie Kanfer Stewart and Tai Tsao, co-authors of the book Momentum, are on a mission to... Read More
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Be The Better Broker: Dustan Woodhouse

Are you considering a career in real estate, finance, or insurance? Are you already scrambling to be seen in the industry? In a field of 18,000 brokers, Dustan Woodhouse was ranked in the top 20... Read More
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