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Must-Win Deals: Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson, the author of Must-Win Deals: How to Close Them (and Why We Lose Them), has been closing deals for 20 years. He’s worked on more than $15 billion dollars’ worth of B2B sales... Read More
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Simplifying Mining Maintenance: Gerard Wood

Gerard Wood, the author of Simplifying Mining Maintenance, is one of the mining industry’s top authorities on mining equipment maintenance. He’s had a long career helping the world’s mining companies keep their machines running. In... Read More
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44 Hours & 21 Minutes: RaShawn Renée

RaShawn Renée, author of 44 Hours & 21 Minutes, is a global leader for change and the creator of Real Truth International. It’s an organization that honors, celebrates and educates women to eradicate the dominant... Read More
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