Shawn Dill

None of Your Business: Shawn Dill and Lacey Book

Rae Williams: Hi, guys. It’s Rae Williams, back with another episode of Author Hour, where I interview authors about their new books. When provide a service you believe in, one with the power …

Jessi Johnson and Kyle Green

Rockstar Real Estate Investing: Jessi Johnson and Kyle Green

If you’ve ever wondered about the real estate market and whether or not it’s for you, our next guest will definitely convince you. They are Jessi Johnson and Kyle Green, authors of Rockstar …

Mark Cawley

Song Journey: Mark Cawley

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve heard a song written by today’s guest. He is Mark Cawley, songwriter extraordinaire and the author of Song Journey. A well written song gives you …

Free Trials (And Tribulations): Kyle Racki

Annette Hines

Butterflies and Second Chances: Annette Hines

Candler Cook

From Underdog to Bulldog: Candler Cook

Max Hansen Brian Mohr

Hiring On Purpose: Max Hansen, Brian Mohr