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Reverse Engineer Your Future: Paul James

Are you tired of taking detours on your road to financial prosperity? Paul James (@hellopauljames), author of Reverse Engineer Your Future, knows that waiting around for a lucky break is a waste of time. He believes... Read More
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Buddha In The Trenches: Steve Taubman

Are you constantly dealing with stressful business situations? Dr. Steve Taubman, author of Buddha in the Trenches, will give you the tools you need to live a more balanced life, free from neurosis and empowered to accomplish... Read More
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Millennial Reboot: Kate Athmer and Rob Johnson

Today’s episode is with Kate Athmer and Rob Johnson, the authors of Millennial Reboot. After Millennials graduate from college, they expect to do really well in the workplace. They grew up with the internet, they... Read More
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